A Soapy New Year!

January 31, 2016 1:04 PM

First of all a big THANK YOU!

Christmas sale was such a success and I found myself sold out of most of my soaps! Thank you all again!

2016 is finally here and I love setting goals and resolutions. Anyone who knows me knows that my list has no end but I cannot help it, there is so many things I want to do. My DGA Assistant Director Trainee application is out and soon the 3 selection rounds will start and prayers in that direction are always welcome.

But as high as my goals in the entertainment industry might be, "soaping" has won a big spot in my heart and in my future that I cannot help but having a long achievement list on the byceci horizon. One being writing about it like I am attempting right now. I want to keep you informed what is brewing in the byceci kitchen, what new product lines I want to try out and generally anything that makes my soaping heart beating faster.

There is so much I want to develop this year so that when I start thinking about possibilities I overrun myself with ideas and overwhelming real fast and I have to stop and take a breath. So that is why I decided that the first step in the new year should definitely be restocking on all the sold out soaps in my store and that is what I have been doing since beginning of the new year.

So far I made new batches of Lemon Vanilla, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender Mint, Lemon Mint, and HEAR HEAR finally my supplier had LOOFAH back in stock and I got my Loofah order in yesterday.

New Soap Packaging
Lemon Mint Soap

First thing this morning I made a new batch and right now my beloved Rosemary Mint Loofah is sleeping in the mold ready to be cut in a few days. The new Batches of soap will soon be available. When exactly that will be you can check here.

After replenishing my stock I want to venture into new scents and type of soaps. What I have in mind? Bars of soap like milk and honey, milk and coffee, Aloe vera soap, Hibiscus flower, and, and, and. I want also try out new styles of soap like liquid soap.

And then I would like to venture into Lip Balms, Bath Oils, Massage Oils, Bath Bombs, Conditioner, Deodorants, Candles and and and. Like you see the possibilities are limitless.

Other plans for this year include of course finishing up the website ( a real professional one, with credit card checkout, blog portion, item description etc.. made by Christopher himself), founding an LLC, taking professional product pictures (I work in the entertainment industry for a reason, right?) designing more beautiful wrapping papers, and including party favors with personalized wrapping as a services.

Before all of that happens I want to deepen my understanding, and for that I stocked on literature. I am planning on becoming a pro in this!

Soap Books

Like I mentioned before one of my priorities this year is keeping you informed of what is happening in the byceci kitchen and I want to develop a exchange of ideas and suggestions. I will try to write once a week and see how that works out. I will ask you about your opinions and ideas in for example naming and renaming soaps, new wrapping designs, new scents and soap types, and your product wish lists, and this is why I (by that I mean Christopher) will be adding a comment field to this side. So please stop by and say hello.

Thank you all again so much and happy soaping everyone