Baby it's Cold Outside!

December 12, 2016 11:13 PM

Keep yourself warm this winter! We have exactly the right stuff for the season!

Introducing Bath Teas!

Days are getting shorter, colder, and darker. Lighten up your evening with a hot revitalizing bath, and soak in the wonderful aroma that winter time brings with it. Embrace the season with its wonderful treats! We all know no one would take hot bath in the depths of summer!

Our bath teas are very versatile. Use them as a compress on your temples, on tired eyelids, neck or other pulse points. They also make great herbal washcloths, you can even include some grated soap. Empty and rinse cotton bag and allow to dry in between uses.

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Bath Teas

Introducing Bath Salts!

Our bath salts are perfect for enjoying the ultimate aroma bath experience. Add some scoops and relax your tired muscles in this calming and soothing bath.

Our blend of dead sea, epsom, and pink himalayan salts will give you the needed mineral boost and make you feel alive again. Milk and oats have been added for a truly royal treatment, garnished with a blend of flowers to nurture your soul. Cherish yourself and make this your comforting routine.

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Bath Salts

Introducing Patchouli Clove!

We have a new soap! Our Patchouli Clove is like being wrapped in a warm and cozy embrace by Mother Earth herself. The musky and full-bodied aroma of patchouli finds a perfect harmony with the tempered and spicy notes of clove. A hint of peppermint adds an uplifting and energizing touch and makes this the perfect bar to awaken the inner hippie that is slumbering in each of us.

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Patchouli Clove Soap

If you still need some little presents or some stocking stuffers we've got you covered!

Merry Christmas

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