Baby Shower!

November 3, 2017 1:05 PM

We really love making custom orders. Helping making your day memorable and providing your guests with a little gift that reflects your heart is what we strive for. This particular custom order was especially precious to us since it was for our very own baby shower!

Baby Shower Parents
Baby Shower Balloons

It was such a wonderful day we shared with our family and dear ones. It is truly amazing to know that all these people will be part of Zeida's life, and we are very grateful for it. The little favors we made for this occasion were just a little token but represent one of my favorite things in life: Gifting people I care about something made with my own hands and filled with the love and appreciation I feel for them. That is what makes them special. It is not merely a bar of soap; every single bar I make is filled with devotion and creativity.

Baby Shower Soap Favors
Baby Shower Gifts

For this special occasion I made little half bars of my whole By Ceci soap selection because I know how diverse the tastes run in our family. Most of my scent variations came to life for exactly that reason. To make the little favors extra personal I bought little wooden tags, and I burned a Z for Zeida into each one of them by hand. They look so cute and so exquisitely handmade!

Thank you so much for making this day so special for us and for your generosity towards our little serene bean!