August 14, 2016 7:11 PM

Like many of you know I am sometimes new to American customs. This year I had the chance and pleasure to be involved in two new-to-me experiences: being a bridesmaid, and wedding favors. "Bridesmaiding" was truly a new adventure with all the ups and downs that come with big endeavors, and it was exciting to be part of such a big day and all the organization that comes with it. And the best part of it? At the end of the day I got to add a new sister to my family. Those who truly know me know that I value siblings as high as not many other things in the world, with exception of maybe Nutella. Ha! No seriously folks, I have now 13 (!) siblings, and I cannot wait till the future will bring more through marriage. Believe it or not, 9 of the 13 are still unmarried!! At the end we will be a whole horde, and family reunions will be just so much more fun!! I seriously can't wait. I am a truly blessed girl!

Jess and Ryan on the dancefloor
Ryan kissing Jess

Now to wedding favors, because we all also know that I am not writing a blog just for pleasure (yeah, I do really not enjoy writing). I had the pleasure to provide the favors to this wonderful wedding. This part I enjoyed particularly, and that for many reasons. I cannot even explain how gratifying it is to supply my soap to folks who really enjoy my products, and having the opportunity to introduce By Ceci to their friends and family is almost overwhelming. It was also so fun to customize my soap design, wrapping paper, and labels to the wishes and visions of the couple. I really wanted to make these soaps their own and make this a special memory of their significant day.

Custom wedding soap

It really sparks my creativity. The scents of choice were Lavender Rosemary and Lemongrass. I really hope the guests will enjoy them! The wrapping design was printed on 100% recycled kraft paper and the tags were made from 1/8" Baltic Birch laser engraved and have a magnet on the back.

The ceremony had such a breathtaking view of the never-ending Catskill mountain range, and to design my soaps to resemble this scenery was great! For this I had the opportunity to learn the layering and gradient technique with activated charcoal. I think the soaps are just stunning.

Catskill mountains
Mountain soap design

I liked this technique so much that I incorporated it in my new Sea Salt Soap. This time, instead of using activated charcoal, I tried pure indigo powder to get a lighter and "bluer" shade to resemble the waves of the ocean. To stay in tune with the ocean theme I made an essential oil blend of Tea Tree, Anise Seed, Cedar Wood, Eucalyptus, Ho Wood, and Lime.
This blend is so fresh and sweet that I wish I were by the ocean right now! But hey, in just a few weeks it's: "Ocean Grove, here I come!!" The Sea Salt soap will be available in time for our new website release in hopefully just a couple of weeks! Till then, happy soaping everybody! And to Jess and Ryan, truly a #HuddyEverAfter!

Sea salt soap