Ocean Grove and the Soap Naming Contest

June 7, 2016 10:13 AM

I hope you all had a great start in the summer. It looks like it is gonna be hot and fabulous. We started our summer season by heading down to the beautiful Ocean Grove. It is a idyllic little Christian town that is very close to our heart, and we are still very thankful to our friends that introduced us to it and invite us back there every year. We really love it there.

Ocrean Grove beach
Ocean Grove boardwalk

Like every year, besides good times with friends, the yearly flea market is the occasion. For that event, the Ocean Pride, which is suited right next to the market, has a yard sale (yes, it is waaaaay cheaper than a table at the market), and we are really blessed to be able to sell our By Ceci products there.

Soap table

This year, out of a sparkle of inspiration, we tried something new: In occasion of the release of a new soap next month we held a Soap Naming Contest where we asked market visitors to smell our new soap and suggest a name for it. It was so much fun seeing so many people engaged with the contest and our new product and most of all getting to talk to such wonderful individuals. I never had such a great time introducing By Ceci to an unknown audience. We collected numerous fantastic name suggestions and it will be challenging picking the winner next month.

Name this soap

It was so gratifying seeing so many people eager and excited to trigger their creativity and imagination, and it is so rewarding to see that my product with its scent and design can spark memories, engage people, and ultimately create a connection.

We are really excited about this large participation and the opportunity to reward the fortunate winner with a $20 coupon for byceci.com next month. This whole experience was such a success that I will surely hold a Soap Naming Contest again in the future. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support!!